Celebrating Unity Through Art! A Big Thank You!

In the heart of the 2nd Nevronas Festival, BrainShot unveiled a mesmerizing moment of connection among artists, both abled and differently-abled. Our heartfelt thanks go out to the talented musicians, painters, videographers and volunteers who were an integral part of this extraordinary performance. Here, art flowed like a harmonious melody, bringing hearts together through the power of artistic expression and music.

Together, we witnessed the birth of a live artwork by Paul, George and Patricia, guided by your presence and the enchanting resonance of mantra melodies by Maro & Penny. This artwork will breathe life into BrainShot’s upcoming collection, fueling more education and skills for those who need it.

This interactive performance was a remarkable collaborative endeavor, where creators, including my amazing friends, co-created the essence of the work. The fusion of painting and music birthed an unparalleled, all-encompassing experience that encouraged free expression and creativity. Your energy, presence, and immense talent shaped the very soul of our work.

The unique experience we shared is just the beginning, the most promising and enchanting start of an inclusive journey centered around creativity, education, and embracing diversity. Until we meet again!

In this inaugural event, we realized that art has the power to transcend boundaries and obstacles.#BrainShot #InclusiveArt #UnityThroughCreativity

Συντελεστές: Ζωγράφοι:

Paul Debebe (Ζωγράφος), Γιώργος Ταμπάκης (Ζωγράφος), Πατρίτσια Κουβέλη (Αrt Therapist)

Live Moυσική: Μάρω Αλυφαντάρου (Δασκάλα Γιόγκα – Μουσικός) & Πένυ Λεβέντου (Δασκάλα Γιόγκα – Μουσικός)

Φωτογραφίες & Βίντεο: Γκίκας Μελαχροινός

Σύλληψη ιδέας και οργάνωση παραγωγής: Eλισάβετ Λάτσιου, BRAINSHOT

Στο πλαίσιο του 2ο Nevronas FESTIVAL