About the people

BrainShot S.A.F.E. is an innovative social enterprise that operates as a hybrid art space committed to the principles of Sustainability, Art, Fashion and Education. At the core of our operations is the promotion of inclusivity, diversity, and social justice, creating a platform that serves as a catalyst for positive change. Furthermore, BrainShot S.A.F.E. produces products and offers services, with the aim of the income from these activities to fund its educational programs.
Innovative Social Enterprise.
The term indicates that BrainShot S.A.F.E. brings fresh, novel approaches to tackling social issues. As a social enterprise, BrainShot S.A.F.E. employs business strategies that help improve social, environmental, and financial wellbeing, making it a pioneer in integrating commercial approaches with social objectives.
Hybrid Art Space.

By operating as BrainShotS.A.F.E. expands beyond the typical boundaries of a fashion brand or art studio. It combines physical and digital arenas where various art forms are expressed and interacted with, creating a dynamic, flexible environment that fosters creativity, discussion, and impact.

It’s an evolving entity that embraces various art disciplines and uses them as tools for social discourse and change.
Sustainability, Art, Fashion, and Education: These elements serve as the foundation upon which BrainShot S.A.F.E. builds its operations and strategies. Each element represents a distinct but interconnected facet of the enterprise, indicating BrainShot S.A.F.E.’s multifaceted approach to achieving its mission.


Inclusivity, Diversity, and Social Justice.
These principles further define the values and goals of BrainShot S.A.F.E. The enterprise actively works towards an inclusive, diverse environment where social justice is promoted. It sets the tone for the enterprise’s approach to collaborations, product development, event planning, and educational programs.
Platform as a Catalyst for Positive Change.
This statement highlights BrainShot S.A.F.E.’s role in enabling and accelerating positive social change. It reinforces the enterprise’s purpose to serve as a medium for societal improvement and social dialogue, indicating its proactive role in creating an impact.
Sustainable Fashion Collections and Art Pieces.
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The sustainable fashion collections and art pieces underline BrainShot S.A.F.E.'s commitment to ethical, sustainable practices,highlighting the organization's role as a conscious producer of fashion and art. It combines creativity with environmental responsibility, making each product an embodiment of sustainable fashion.
Collaboration with Artists from Vulnerable Groups.
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By collaborating with artists from vulnerable groups, BrainShot S.A.F.E. not only supports these artists but also gives them a platform to express their voices. It's a powerful example of inclusivity and empowerment, creating meaningful connections between the enterprise, the artists, and the consumers.
Art Events, Performances, and Discussions.
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The events and discussions hosted by BrainShot S.A.F.E. act as spaces for dialogue on social issues, inclusivity, and diversity. These platforms go beyond the traditional function of a fashion brand or art space, promoting engagement, understanding, and discourse around significant societal matters.
Educational Programs.
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The educational programs offered by BrainShot S.A.F.E. show a commitment to empower vulnerable and young individuals. These initiatives foster growth and provide practical skills and knowledge that can contribute to personal development and societal advancement.
Comprehensive Digital Presence (E-commerce, Blog, Interactive Platform)
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BrainShot S.A.F.E.'s extensive digital platform showcases the organization's recognition of the digital world's importance. It provides various channels (e-commerce, blog, interactive platform) for customers and community members to engage with the brand and its mission, making the digital realm a significant part of the enterprise's strategy.

The Products and Services section presents the tangible offerings of BrainShot S.A.F.E. and shows how these products and services align with and contribute to the company's mission. It paints a picture of what BrainShot S.A.F.E. does day-to-day to achieve its mission and provides potential customers, partners, and investors an understanding of the organization’s operations and offerings.


Elizavet Latsiou.

She studied at the “International and European Studies” department of the University of Piraeus. He has a Master’s degree from the ‘Communication and Media Rhetoric’ department of Pantheon. In addition, as a need to express her artistic nature came her studies on ‘fashion design and styling’. He has taken part in transnational European programs related to entrepreneurship and vulnerable groups. Founder of a clothing company and creative director in fashion projects. In recent years, he has been active in the fields of Marketing and communication, for which he is also the head of nevronas.gr.

Nikos Pagidas.

Nikos Pagidas studied at the School of Health and Welfare Professions (SEYP), at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens (TEIA), Department of Occupational Therapy. He has been active in the field of Health since 2004, in rehabilitation centers, day care, training, special treatments and home sessions.
She has experience in assessing and treating people (of all ages) with intellectual disability, autistic symptoms and maladaptive behaviours.
He is the initiator of the idea of nevronas.gr, organizes and coordinates the team’s efforts.
From 2019 to 2022, he co-hosted the OpenMind radio show, giving a microphone to Disabled People and vulnerable groups.


Antonis Exarhopoulos.

Antonis Exarhopoulos is a 31-year-old artist with high-functioning autism. He completed his primary and secondary education and briefly attended the Technological Educational Institute of Larissa. He pursued studies in Athens in the field of networking and multimedia. Antonis is proficient in the English language. For 13 years, he has been an avid canoe-kayak athlete, participating in numerous competitions across Greece and achieving many gold medals. He has also participated in three Special Olympics. He has been involved in capoeira for six years, a sport that combines dance and martial arts. Through capoeira, he exercises both his body and mind, as it requires intense concentration. Antonis is a member of the Band-O-Kafeneio music group, where he plays the keyboard and sings. Despite lacking formal music education, he is self-taught. Moreover, he is a skilled artist in 3D papercutting and quilling, having presented his work in two exhibitions for 3D papercutting and three exhibitions for quilling.