Seira Sou (Your turn)… to be informed and educated. Come with us!

We heard… we saw… we thought… we met and we are moving forward to provide a solution to a simple everyday need of our fellow human beings and rally around a challenge-invitation to inclusive thinking through the “Seira Sou (Your Turn)” information and education campaign!


– When does a society understand that the time has come for a smaller or bigger change?

– When she realizes her need. But this is almost always a matter of information and education. It’s our turn… so let’s step forward and claim something that sounds simple and self-evident… but it isn’t!

“It’s time to yield – to give, Seira Sou (Your Turn)…”

The idea…

The idea of ​​the Your Turn campaign began through communication with parents of autistic and mentally disabled children, teenagers and adults, who shared their difficulty in moving in daily activities that require waiting in line, when accompanying their child…

…In Super Markets, Bakeries and retail stores.

…In Banks and Public Services.

…In Airports, Ports and Public Transport (Metro, Train, Buses).

…In Entertainment Areas.

In other European countries, parents wear a distinctive badge (usually a pendant) at the sight of which they are given priority, without having to enter the awkward position of explaining to third parties. For the Hellenic Campaign… the badge will be in two versions – Pin and Pendant – which was designed by an artist, the mother of an autistic child, and will be worn by parents, companions, caregivers or trainers of autistic or mentally disabled children, teenagers and adults.

We want you by our side because it’s “Seira Sou (Your turn)”!

In collaboration with parents,, the Open School Days group and AMKE BRAINSHOT, we are starting the effort for a Pan-Hellenic Campaign to Inform and Educate the public on the issue entitled: “SEIRA SOU (YOUR TURN)”.

The goal is to make the distinguishing mark “SEIRA SOU (YOUR TURN)” recognizable in the Greek reality and at the same time, through information actions, to educate the general public, and especially the new generation, in matters concerning the so-called “invisible disabilities”.

The campaign is already evolving digitally and with the creation of action groups in cities across the country. Interventions are already being planned in education structures, but also in collaboration with citizen movements.

Also important is the call to subscribe to the goals of the campaign as recorded in this text by sending an email to and subject: Support of the “Seira Sou” Campaign, from Organizations of Persons with Disabilities, Associations of Health and Special Education Professionals, Groups and Civil Society Movements.

Individual participation in our actions is also welcome and can be done by sending contact information to

Our goal is…

to organize even more groups in all parts of Greece, which with the guidance and support of the organizations that started the campaign, will form the nucleus of the local society that will transmit the message.

Because it is the turn of each and every one of us to be informed and educated, to see everyday life with more empathy.

And when we see, it’s our turn… to give ROW.

So, it’s our turn! Mine, yours, all of us!

Learn more about the “SEIRA SOU (YOUR TURN)” awareness and education campaign: